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[About Us]

Tibet Four Seasons Tours & Outdoors Co, Ltd. is Tibet’s first innovative outdoor travel service company which has a team of professional mountaineers, outdoor explorers, tourist experts and photographers. Certified by relevant government authorities in Tibet, it is a fully licensed company adhering to the business principle of safety, professionalism, dedication, integrity and standardization and specialising in providing travel enthusiasts with a variety of quality travel experience. The Company is familiar with well-known established hiking routes and tour routes for leisure and rural experience across China. By virtue of its solid business strength, it has developed a number of new tour routes full of adventures and challenges. The Company strives to impress outdoor travel enthusiasts with more attractive and significant trips, aiming to forge a leading tours & outdoors brand in Tibet.



[Business Services]

Trekking and camping activities, mountain climbing activities, regular tours, customised luxury tour, rural experience tour, in-depth photography tour, classic hiking tour, customised self-driving tour, summer camps, documentary-themed tour and etc.




[Team Competence]

Our staffs are all qualified Tibetan mountain guides equipped with professional mountaineering skills, first-aid, tourism management expertise and camping safety knowledge. Each of our staff has at least three times reached the top of Mt Everest and Mt Chooyu , Mt Muztagata and other mountain peaks above 6,000m has climbed many times.

All staffs have first-aid experience and have attended multiple trainings on outdoor first-aid. Such trainings are designed to guarantee a zero-accident trip.Corresponding special test results show that all staff are 100% qualified for their job. We also have professional outdoor chefs responsible for catering services and making our journey easier.



[Safety Control]

We provide quality services for all customers and are skilled in emergency treatment. As above mentioned, our staffs have rich first-aid experience and know well how to cope with altitude reaction and sickness. We provide the best possible preventive measures and aids against climber's altitude reaction. We prepare oxygen equipment & supplies and hyperbaric oxygen chambers for each of our mountaineering trips to treat altitude sickness, safeguards and anxiety. With great sincerity and hospitality, we have been working hard to gain customer's recognition.


高山氧气 、医用氧气 、血氧仪、体温器、高压氧舱等急救设备。

[ First-aid equipment ]

Mountaineering oxygen , medical oxygen ,oximeter ,thermometer, Gamonbag and other first-aid equipments.



[ Emergency training ]

For the sake of customer's safety, our tour guide will host an emergency training session before setting off on a journey. This is to provide meticulous and attending professional safety guidance, prevent possible accidents and ensure a safe and smooth journey.





[Social responsibilities】

A. We take the initiative to stop our team from littering, protect local ecology and clear rubbish around our campsite.

B. We often hold internal donations and fund-raising activities for vulnerable groups (e.g: the sick and the old).

C. We regularly send donated clothing to poverty-stricken people in remote mountainous regions.

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